Na stshyot zashitnika monumenta - nevinovatova Ganina.

Da ne vinovat. Ni v tshyom - tolko v tom tshto tortshal u puba kuda hoteli siloi vorvatsya pyaniye bandyugi. Kto iz etih banditov yevo votknul nozom - ne yasno. On dolzen bil vo pervih zashishat svoyu zopu i ne tortshat v nepravilnom meste. Teper on zashitnik. I bednomu mame Ganina uze uspeli mozgi promit. Uze ona natshala verit v tovo, tshto yeyo sin kakoi to bolshoi zashitnik prav russkih v Estoni.

Some misunderstandings!

A lot of people in all over ,,Russian world,, time to time return to the question - does Russia or vice a versa Estonia earn something to the opposite site? Very shortly saying - no one needs to pay anything.
Just let us live how we like to live. This part of question is and was much more important for Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians than money always mentioned in subject. We all Baltic states were unhappy in 1920-s when bolshevics wanted to change political order in our countries, in 1940-s when they had luck to change it and nowadays when diplomatic and political pressure wanted to frame us as only supporters of Faschism over the whole world. Please behave also, don`t push us too much. And we are NATO, no need to blame us in some secrets to attack Russia. We need to be equal comparing to you, Russians. Only so you think we are worth of something.